02 What is Tareeqat:

02 What is Tareeqat

This is a transcript of a talk by Hazrat tush Shaikh Sayyidna wa Maulana Manzoor Hussain Sindhi Madani Sahib RT, given on the 18th of August 1980, on what Tareeqat is:

(May Allah forgive the transcriber if there may be any mistakes in the transcription. Ameen).

A Brother is saying:

Today is Sunday, the 18th of August 1980, and today there’s gonna be a month end function at 10:00 o-clock, at Dr Mansoor’s place, and hopefully Shaikh Sahib will give a short talk.

Hazrat tush Shaikh Sayyidna wa Maulana Manzoor Hussain Sindhi Madani Sahib RT is saying:

And again we are sitting in zikr just now, and I had told you a few words before zikr last night, and may tell you a few words just now. I do not know whether all of you were present last night, or some of you were present and some are new people who have come, because I do not know you all. And, some of you may think that “zikr also was the same, and the words and saying also is the same. Nothing new.” And it is true. New things from where can we bring? Our Allah is old, our Kabba is old, our Quran is old, our Prophet is old and our object is one and old. Our object is, just as I told you last night, that object, our object of our gathering here is that we should reach Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala. We, we desire for His nearness, we desire that He should be pleased and His Prophet may be pleased with us. Our object is only one. So, the different talks where from should we bring? So that we should tell you. The thing is the same. Object is the same. Till we die, till we die, our speech also would be the same, till we die. Till we reach our goal, our speech, our thought, everything would be the same.

I had told you last night, few words I will tell you. Last night I had told you, that entering in Tareeqa, first of all it, it is according to the desire and orders of The Prophet. Just as I told you last night. No need of repeating that. But one thing more that I will tell you, for which I had given you hint, that when one enters Tareeqa, this means he makes promise with Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala, that, “O Allah! My object is You! I love You! I will not leave this love till I reach You! If I’m alive I’ll love You!” Till I die I love You!

But, to prove this, whether we are, whether we are truthful in this saying, we have to do a few things. Which also last night I had hinted to you that it is only the Shareeyath of our Prophet Salalahu Slayhi Wa Salam which can take us to this side. Just now I told my sisters, I remembered one Ayath, that Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala says, “Kul in kun tum tuhiboon Allah”, O my Prophet you tell them, that if you people say that you love Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala, “Kul in kun tum tuhiboon Allah”, you tell them that, if you say that you love Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala, “Fat’tabiuni”, you follow me, “Fat’tabiuni”, you follow my Shareeyath, “Fat’tabiuni”. And what would be the result? Now you are trying and you say that you love Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala, and then the result would be, that, “Yuhbib kumUllah”, Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala will love you. Instead of this that you go after Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala, and find Him out, and know how He would be found out, He says, you, if you say that you love Me, you follow My Prophet, and I will love you this stead, “Yuhbib kumUllah, wa yaghfir la kum zunubakum”, and I will forgive your folly, forgive your mistakes, understand? Understand.

This is the way that Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala has told us to follow, follow. If we love Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala we should follow His Prophet. And last night I had told you, and again I will tell you. Till I die I will tell you. If I do not tell you, you remember it yourself, that, our Prophet. Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala has said, for our Prophet, that “Wa ma ataa kumur Rasool, fakhuzu”, whatever my Prophet tells you, you stick to that, “Wa ma nahakum anhu fantahu”, and whatever, for whatever things he tells you “leave them”, you leave them. Leave a, leave them.

Don’t think according to your heads, heads which are imperfect, that “how can we do this?” “How can we?” “What will the people think if we do this?” “What would the world say if we do this?” What have you got to do with the world? We have to please Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala and His Prophet, because our goal is the death. Outward goal is the death. After death there is nothing. So what would the world do if they say, if we do a thing, and, half of the people are not pleased with this. What have we to do with them? What should we care for them? We should not care a thing for them. Because they cannot do anything. They could not give us any benefit.

We have to follow our Allah, Who has created us, Who has given us all these naimats, all these things, with His kindness. And, we, where have, we have known that our object is to reach Him, and we do not reach Him, that means there is some folly, there is some folly, there is some mistake, in His search. We do not go after Him. We do not search Him as we ought to do.

I was just telling my, telling my sisters, this thought came to me just now, that when one enters the Tareeqa, and knows that he has made love with Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala, made love with Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala, and he makes zikr, but he sees that he does not see Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala. He sees that he does not see Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala. He should know that he sees Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala, because Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala is everywhere. There is no place that He is not present. When he knows this he should know that, for example, he’s saying, he shuts up, closes his eyes, shuts up his mouth, and then says “Allah, Allah”, he knows that Allah is present, only there is one curtain, between Him and myself. Understand? Right.

But when he knows that my Beloved, inside the curtain, knows that His lover is standing outside, and he’s saying “Allah, Allah, Allah”, what for is he saying? He’s saying with the intention that I should know that he would not leave Me till he reaches Me. He’s standing there and he does not leave My door, he would stand, till he dies or till he reaches Me. But Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala knows, The Beloved knows that the, My lover cannot reach Me. He cannot get in, nor he can take Me out. He cannot take My, it is only Myself that I can bring him in, or, it is only Myself that I can go out. Understand?

So, this is sufficient for the Beloved and this is sufficient for the lover. To think that he is standing at the door and would not leave His door at all. And the moment he thinks this, he is Kamil, he’s perfect, he’s sucsessful. First day that he enters the zikr. He, what else does he want? That his Beloved knows that he’s standing, and making zikr, to reach him. But it is not in his power to reach Him. It is only for Him to bring him in or to get out Himself. Therefore he should stand outside, and should not make any negligence in zikr. “Allah, Allah, Allah”. He may hear or not. He may give reply or not. But he go on, he should go on with his own thing. His duty is to make zikr. “FazkurUllah”. He should make zikr. It is not his duty to bring Him out, and to see Him.

And then the lover, if he is true lover, he would never like that he should do any mischief, anything against the desire and pleasure of his Beloved. Our object is that our Beloved should be pleased. Pleased. Not a, no lover would like that he would put his hand and bring his Beloved out. Because he does not know that He would be pleased or not pleased, because we, every lover wants the pleasure of his Beloved. And this is which is called “razaa”. “Razaa Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala”. And “razaa” is that, that we want His Razaa, we tell Him that “we remember You and we want Your pleasure. We want Your pleasure. In anything that You are pleased, if You are pleased You should take us inside. If You are pleased You come out. If You are pleased not to give reply. If You are pleased to speak. That’s upon You, not upon ourselves”. Follow dear brothers? Have you followed?

If one make zikr in this way, and the first day that he enters the zikr he’s kaamil he’s mukammil, he’s sucsessful. What else does he want? It is not only that a, after the purification of the heart, which I was, last night telling you, he sees the dreams, he sees so many things. Understand? These things are not reliable. Reliable is the thing of the tradition. And this is the way, and this is the safest way, a devil and nafs cannot play with him at all. He cannot tell him that you are bigger than everybody.

One thing which has come to my mind, I should tell you, that all the knowledges in the world, whatever it may be. All the examinations in the world. When you enter the school or college. The more you read, the more you feel that you are progressing. Yesterday you knew a little, and today you know more, and tomorrow you know more than that. Is it not so? But it is only this knowledges of Tasawwuf, this faqeeri, understand? That the more one makes progress, he feels that he’s nothing, he does not know anything. Have you followed?

And if anybody, after making zikr, when his heart makes zikr, when his latifa Rooh makes zikr, when all the latifas make zikr, and when they all are enlightened, hah, God knows, this is a short time, what can I tell you, what he obtains and what he has got hand upon those things, and to what extent he can do the things. But with all those things, the more he obtains, the more he thinks “I’m nothing”.

And if he feels that he is anything, anything, he is nothing. And if he feels, that, because this is the usool of the Tareeqah, all the Tareeqas. There’s no Tareeqa against this. If he feels that a, that speaker, the thinker is better than one to whom he speaks, he is nothing, he loses everything. EVERYTHING!!! If he thinks that he is better than such and such man, he loses everything. And not that only with his tongue, with his heart he has to feel that. That there is nobody in the world who is less than that fellow. He’s not better than anybody. This is the, a, scale of Shareeyath  he should have in his hand, and know. And when, in his heart comes these thoughts he should feel that the devil and nafs are playing with me.

This is the only knowledge in the world, that the more one makes progress in that, the more he feels and feels for certain that he’s nothing and he’s nothing and nothing. This is “Fanaa”. Huh. Have you not heard of “Fanaa”? Is this “Fanaa”, that I may have “Fanaa” and I may feel that I am better than this and better than this and better than this? What kind of “Fanaa” is this? This is playing of the devil and nafs. May God forbid.

I have seen so many of my deciples, that they’ve reached the point, which I tell you, you would be wonderous that we have not read even in books that people have reached this stage. By God I’ve seen with my eyes, having light in their heart, having light in Rooh, having light in Sirr, having light in Khafee, having light in Akhfaa, and then making “Tasaruff”, that means, can do anything that they desire. Can know the things, for example, people say that one does not know when he would die. I have seen, by God, that, other people saying that, they inform us that such and such man would die on such and such day. And they die like that. Others are saying. Not he himself says. With all that, when this thought came to them, that he’s better than anybody else, and this and that, everything was lost. By God if I tell you what became of those people, ooo, you would weep. And make tobaa. May God forbid.

This Tasawuff takes a mortal one. Aa, takes mortal one to Immortal. Takes, aaa, amm, aaa, Haadis to the Qadeem, Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala. How can he reach there? He can reach only through love. Ahh, love. And His obedience. That He may be pleased and He may take him, take him.

But He, Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala never wants, that a, when you have got “kashaff”, when you have got light inside, and when you know, everybody comes to you, you know that aa, he has got in his heart this, this, this. I may tell you, you’d be wondrous enough(?) to hear that there are some mashaikh, who, do not only know what is in their heart, but after years what comes in your mind you know it, after years. And you would take oath that how can be, how is it right? If it was so, so we should have known it, but how can you know what has to come in your heart after 10 years? By God my Shiekh, Rehmat Ullah Ta’aala Alay, many a times has told me that “do you remember, night that when I died. Whatever I had told you, has anything come out wrong?” and with all that, I never heard from my Shiekh, that he said that he was better than anybody. But, what he taught us, that we should never think, if we thought, we should feel that we are gone. We are lost. And, and very moment we should make toba. Followed?

Bas. This is the head and front of the whole thing. In Tasawuff, God may give you anything and everything. But the more you obtain, the more you think that you are nothing. It is from Him. Is it from you that you should be proud of? Hah, is it from yourself? That you are taking that thing? It is from Allah! When He has given, He can take at any time. Therefore you are not to think like this. Dear brothers, have you followed this? You should remember, we may meet or not meet in the life.

Bus this one word you should remember, that through a, a Wali, what is difference between a Wali and a Maulvi, Aalim? Zahir Aalim and Wali? If aa, Maulvi, if Aalim says that one man is making zina. Zina you understand? Zina. What is called in English? Yes, alright. You understand it. So, and also Wali sees the same thing. Aalim also would tell him that “this is a bad thing. You make toba”. And Wali also can tell him the same thing. But Aalim at the time he says this, he thinks, that this rascal is doing a work which nobody in the world can do. He’s doing this, he’s such a rascal, he’s gone so low in this that he is doing this. Understand? And there cannot be anybody lower than this. This is what the Aalim feels. After he says. And a Wali, will never think of this. He would tell him the same things, same words. But he would know, that a, nothing can happen without the desire of Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala, and He, if devil, and nafs, having lead this fellow do this things, He can, Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala, can give him a, Tawfeeq, power, so that he make toba, toba, and be, a, time he makes toba, he can become Wali.

Because Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala says in His Holy Quran that he can excuse all the sins. It is said that when this Ayath in Quran Shareef, came, that a, wa’am, “Ya ibade yal lazeena asrafoo alaa anfusihum, laa taknatu mir rahmat illah. Inn Allah ha yaghfirul zunooba jameeah, inna hu huwal ghafoor or Raheem”. When this Ayath came, that a, “My people, My people, My creatures”, “laa taknatu mir rahmat illah.” “You should not be disappointed from My Rehmat”, “Inn Allah ha yaghfirul zunooba jameeah,” “I can excuse your all sins.” “Inna hu huwal ghafoor or Raheem”. “In fact I Am Ghafoor and Raheem. I can excuse you all your sins”. When this Ayath came, Nabi Salalahu Alayhi Wa Salam became very happy, very happy, and the devil came before The Prophet, and began to weep, and began to throw dust in his head. Weeping, weeping, and Nabi Salalahu Alayhi Wa Salam was very pleased. And Nabi Salalahu Alayhi Wa Salam told him, “O you the devil, now where is the good that you betray my people? You tell them this and that? If they make guna Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala would excuse them, He has promised. No use”. So he went on weeping, weeping, weeping and thinking. Till this thought came to him, and one thought came to him, and he began to laugh. The Prophet said, “why do you laugh?” he said, “I laughed, because one thing has come to my mind, I would put in the heart of your umath that they should not make toba. If they do not want from Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala that he should excuse them, how would He excuse them? I will put in their mind that, “don’t make toba”. If they do not make toba, Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala would not excuse them, He has not said that even without toba He would excuse them. They will go on doing anything and without their request He would, he would, a, excuse them?” He has never said this. Then The Prophet began to weep. He said that, “if it is so, then nothing can be done.”

And this devil puts in the mind, our mind, that, “don’t make toba, if you make toba and tomorrow if you break it, then God would not excuse you. Therefore you should not make toba.” But it is wrong, is wrong, Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala never said this. Though we may make the sin, and the same sin, once, twice, ten times, one hundred times, and beg, then Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala would excuse.

There is one story of one bazurg, who was in a Sha, a, Misr. He was making toba in the morning and breaking it in the evening. Making toba in the evening and a, breaking it in the morning. And years passed like this. So one day, he was ashamed, so much ashamed that he went and entered one cave. And began to weep. He said, “Ya Allah! How long would I go on making toba and go on breaking it? How long? And how long you would go on forgiving me?” so in that position he went to sleep. He went to sleep. And saw lahu?? Ilhaam, min Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala, said, “O, you, you My human being! O, you My humble human being! When you know, when you have got faith in what I have said, ‘Ya ibade yal lazeena asrafoo alaa anfusihum, laa taknatu mir rahmat illah. Inn Allah ha yaghfirul zunooba jameeah, inna hu huwal ghafoor or Raheem’. And you have got faith and you know, that if from morning up to the evening, you go on making sins, you cannot lesson even a single thing from My, from My a, Mamlaka, yanee, from My Kingdom. From My Kingdom. You cannot lesson anything. If you go on making sins from morning to evening, daily, I have got, you cannot make any harm to Me. And if you go on worshiping Me from morning to evening, and not making anything, you cannot add anything to My Kingdom. When you know all this. I, and you having nothing. You know this. I having everything. If I ex, excuse you, what would I lose? If you are given life of Nooh Alayhis Salam, if you are given life up to Qayamath, Youm ul Qayamath, Day of Ju, Day of Judgment, and you go on making sins. But you only ask me that is ‘Ya Allah! You a, You excuse me. There’s nobody who can excuse me except in Yourself.’ I will excuse.” He got up, and made toba, and became Wali, there is a, thousands and lacs of people got faiz from him.

He’s so great. He only does not want takabur. He does not want that anybody should feel himself big. Big, huh. It is said, it is given in Hadeeth Mubarak, that one man would be brought before Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala on The Day of Judgment. And Allah Subhana Hu ta’aala would tell him, that a, “what have you brought for Me?” He would say, “I have brought this, this, these prayers and these aamaa, fasts and these a, worshipings”. All these thing that he has done. “I’ve brought”. Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala would said that, “all these things are in My treasure. You tell me the thing which is not in My treasure? What thing you have brought?” he would be puzzled, he would say that, “what is that thing which is not in Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala?” Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala will tell him, that, this ‘tawazo’”, awa, a, that a, “I am nothing! I am nothing!” what is it called? (someone else says, “humility”). “Humility. This thing is not in My treasure. I want from My creatures this thing, that they should be like that. The kibriaee is for Myself only. Not for others. That they also should be, like this.” Followed?

So this is the thing required by Allah Suhbaha Hu Ta’aala. So much so that in some books it is written that even great Prophets and Awlia, if a little thing came to their mind, then they were taken to task.

With these few words, I beg leave of you, and I would, request you that we should make a little zikr.


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