03 Hazrat Manzoor Hussain RT Letter containing Important Instructions

Very important letter of guidance, instructions (Naseehat) and training by Hazrat Sheikh Syed Maulana Manzoor Hussain Sindhi Manadi Sahib RT sent to one of his dear khalifas for another dear khalifa and with extremely important and highly essential instructions to be distributed to ALL the disciples/mureeds or his “friends” as Hazrat sahib used to refer to them . it is an example of hazrat sahib’s meticulous training and utter humility in front of Allah, The Prophet pbuh and Hazrat Qibla RT. along with the importance of Zikr/remembrance of Allah.

Language: Urdu

(3 Pages)

Dated: 06 May 1975

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  1. Fatma Mahmood

    Alhumdulillah the letter contains naseehat for all of us n for not only any single disciple. May Allah guide us n may we suceed in following our beloved Sheikh’s RT instruction aameen. Hazrat Sahib’s RT nasseehat, training is a great blessing of Allah n innayat of murshid for the concerned disciple n through n because of him for all of us

    1. Lovely! ♥️♥️
      Loved to read this, it reminded me of how he wanted us all to keep ourselves on the right path, not to deviate ever astray, like a father instructs firmly his children.
      How the words used to come out of his beautiful mouth, sweeter than honey, how I long to just have only a glimpse of him to pass the rest of my life waiting for his next comforting vision.
      Allah! Be kind to all of us, his children in Tareeqah.
      Grant us death at Eeman’e Kaamil and deedar’e Murshid as we return to our source that is”YOU”.
      Amiin ♥️

  2. A v imp advice for all times & for all from r Hazrat e Shiekh Syed Manzoor Hussain r.a he was & is a true teacher in his life & after his wisal it was his way to advise any of his mureeds but meant for all may his blessings reach everywhere & to all ameen

  3. Mahym Mansoor

    This letter is such a strong wake up call as to how easily we can be fooled by shaitan and our own nafs into thinking that we are doing good whereas in reality we are doing more harm than good and why it is necessary to have a teacher to guide us or we will be completely lost. A teacher’s admonishment is a manifestation of his love and care for his disciples. May Allah guide us to the right path and bless our Sheikh and elevate his darjaat for being our perpetual source of guidance. Ameen sum ameen.

  4. Imtiaz Mohammed

    Can you provide an english translation?
    I am in Trinidad.

  5. Abdullah

    Can someone translate the contents of it for the benefit of all?


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