31 Ziarat of The Prophet PBUH-Types of Fanaa-Attacks of Shaitan-Teachings and Stories by Hazrat Manzoor Hussain Sindhi Madani RT

31 Ziarat of The Prophet PBUH-Types of Fanaa-Attacks of Shaitan-Teachings and Stories by Hazrat Manzoor Hussain Sindhi Madani RT

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This is a talk given by Sartaj ul Awlia Hazrat Sheikh Syed Haji Sayyidna wa Maulana Manzoor Hussain Sindhi Madani Sahib RT. Ziarat of the Prophet s.a.w, types of Fanaa and attacks by Shaitaan.

The following is a transcript of the talk:

(May Allah forgive the transcribers if there may be any mistakes in the transcription. Ameen).

Hazrat Sheikh is saying;

So I wanted to tell you, that in the beginning, when one enters the Tareeqa, the first thing is, first lesson is, that in the insaan, man or woman, makes the zikr, makes zikr, with the view that this zikr should start. This heart should become alive. This heart is dead, it should become alive. And in reality it becomes alive. It makes zikr. And then Latifah Ruh, Sirr, Khafi, Akhfah- they all become alive. Then Nafs. And then from head to foot. From head, so much so that even one, every hair of this makes zikr. And this very thing took place when I, my wife entered in Tareeqa and got zikr from me. And then after having this, it was her heart that it was enlightened, to the extent that in the beginning she began to see Hazrat e Sheikh razi Allah anho, meet Hazrat e Sheikh, Mashaikh, and then Sahaba e Karaam, Ahle Bayt e Karaam, Nabi Karim sallallah o alaihe wassallam. But, but these things which I tell you that she began to see, maybe some of you who may have seen these things but I will tell you some more things which are about these good things. These are the things which are being attained in the beginning. Seeing or meeting Mashaikh, Ahle Bayt, Sahaaba, and Ambiya e Karaam in the dream, or in muraqibaa, then these are the things in the beginning, take place in beginning. She was raised into a post that she had fanaa, and fanaa of higher kind. So much so that she was, she used to be present in the presence of the Prophet with body and soul. Can you ever imagine? How many Mashaikh you have seen who have reached this post? How many Mashaikh, Auliaa in this world you have seen who have reached this post? To think and to quote is something else, but in reality this is something very great. Do you understand when I tell you that one can present oneself with this body and soul in a meeting of the Prophet. These things are attained, but by very great great people! Not an ordinary people! Even, he maybe have, he may have thousands of disciples. There are I know them, and they do not know even such a little of this reality. They do not know, they have not reached, but they do not even know, they cannot understand this. That these things are to be attained, with this body and soul, people can present themselves in the presence of the Prophet. They have not reached.

And then being present in the presence of The Prophet is of two kinds. One is haalan and one is maqaaman. What does it mean? Haalan is that, that for thool of life once this thing took place and he was called, he does not present himself, he is being called! In reality! And then he presents himself there. So if he is called and being present in the presence of the Prophet once in the life, it is called haalan. That is the haal, was very great thing that we are for once, for tool of his life even once present himself. Something very very very great. But more great is this thing that maqaaman he has got this maqam. Maqaaman means that when this thing begins, continuously goes on for ma, weeks and months and years. Follow? That man who has got this maqaam he presents himself in the presence of the Prophet to years and years. Followed? Yes, and then also you can know that those people who reach this place, this grade which is the highest grade, even the devil can play with them. They’re not things that one should know and understand?

Once, in one hotel I was with three of my friends- a man, his wife, and myself. And that fellow was to complete his Sulook. What Sulook is, that I’ll tell you afterwards. Then you can understand that who of you and how many of you have completed that. That you’d understand afterwards. But now you should understand at least this much that he was to complete his Sulook. And he had the fanaa of his Sheikh and of the Prophet, but not of the highest kind. Once that fellow, I may tell you something about him, that once while sitting in muraqaba, just we are sitting, he had the ziarat of the Prophet, and he was inspired to the extent that he flew towards the Prophet and when he reached, came before the body of the Prophet, he entered the body of the Prophet and his clothes went outside. Understand? And this is fanaa! But this is also lower kind of fanaa. There are some kinds of fanaa over that, higher than that. Follow? So then, that fellow, when he had left Madinah sharif and gone to Jeddah, I was ordered that I should go out of Madinah sharif in a day, and without knowing where I was going, but when I reached Jeddah, and was in hotel, I knew that those people were there and it was for their sake that I was there. So I had to remain with them two three months in the hotel, till they completed the Sulook, for their. So when higher fanaa was obtained by the fellow, by the man, he was again and again going to the mirror to see his face and he was not recognizing that he was himself. He was feeling that he was the Prophet.

These things are to be attained. Even you should know that fanaa fish Sheikh is of three kinds. Fanaa fish Sheikh is of three kinds. Once we were, I give you an example, once we were sitting in Madinah sharif, one of our friends said that Sir I feel that my, I, my face and my whole body is like your body. I do not feel that it is my own body. Own body. I told him that this is congratulations to you, but you should think that this is not the highest thing. This is the beginning of fanaa fish Sheikh. And when he said that what was higher than that, I said higher than that is that now you see your body, that your body is changed in the picture of your Sheikh. But I do not see, others do not see, others see that you are such and such man. The higher is this that other also see that you are like the Sheikh. There is no difference between you and the Sheikh. It is only you that you see this. It is not that others can see this. Followed?  And then there’s also fanaa higher than that. And that is then when the soorat is changed in the seerat of Sheikh, perfection of Sheikh also may go to him. All the perfections that Sheikh has got may go to the mureed. That is the highest fanaa. And similarly there’s this is fanaa fish Sheikh three stages, three stages, similarly is fanaa fir Rasool in three stages. And similarly fanaa fi’Allah in the three stages. Followed?

So when that fellow, his features were changed, and changed to the extent that he was again and again going for the mirror and seeing his face and his face was just made of the Rasool Allah sallallah o alaihe wasallam. Followed? But what I mean to say is, I wanted to tell you something from this, that at that stage when every time, every minute, every second for the whole time he was having ziarat of Hazrat ush Sheikh razi Allah o taalah anho, and also having ziarat of The Prophet sallallah o alaihe wasallam. That is the stage where, where one sees his Sheikh, and Sheikh of his Sheikh and The Prophet all the time. So you should understand that these things have to be attained, not to be talked of or heard. And one cannot hear also of these things everywhere. In thousands one cannot hear these things.

So while one day we were sitting in the zikr, there came the sound of weeping. Weeping. And the sound was just like some sound of aaaa, a donkey. But Like this I got ???, but it’s so near that that we could not tolerate that. I asked him what is this thing, he said that Sir the devil is weeping. He said Sir the devil is weeping. I said why is he weeping, he said because he weeps, and when I asked him he said that I am weeping because you people have gone out of my reach. You have gone out of my reach. I cannot reach you. I cannot betray you, I cannot do anything. When he said this, I also became very happy. And he and his wife also. Yaani, without thinking we began to as if laugh through pleasure. But immediately this thought came to me I told him but that this thing should be requested to Hazrat ush Sheikh and to the Prophet, that what is the haqeeqat of this? When he requested the Prophet, the Prophet said “don’t be fools, he befools you, he befools you! How can you be out of his reach, till you are alive?” If you are alive and you are out of his reach? Then we all began to weep. Instead of laughing we began to weep.  What I mean to say, even at that stage where one reaches, and got the ziarat of Nabi sallallah o alaihe wasallam twenty four hours, even then the shay… the devil can play with you. Is it not the thing to be understood?

So we made tauba the thing, God may save us and save all the Muslims from these things.

Audience: Ameen.

So similarly I was telling you about my wife, that she had reached the post even higher than this, even higher. If I were to tell you, you would be surprised to know that such things are also being had by Aulia.

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