Hazrat Manzoor Hussain Sindhi Madani RT’s attributes, spiritual ranks and titles:

Hazrat Maulana Manzoor Hussain Sindhi Madani Sahib RT. has been elevated and has ascended, by the Mercy and Grace of Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala and Courtesy of The Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him, through his Sheikh, to undefinable spiritual ranks and stations, bearing unique titles. Such that even supreme ascended masters of Tareeqat and world famous Awlias in history have not attained, Alhamdullillah, due to his extreme level of love, sincerity and devotion to Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala, Allah’s most Beloved Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa, Habib Allah, Abd Allah, Nur Allah………, Salalahu Alayhi wa Aalihi wa Salam and his beloved spiritual guide and mentor, Hazrat Sheikh Syed Haji Maulana Muhammad Mujtaba Khan Sahib Qibla Pir Sain Rampuri, Mujadid, Naib e Rasool Allah, Hafeez Ullah………, Radhi Allah hu Ta’aala Anhu.

Having attained all that, his level of humility was unparalleled in modern human experience, specially when it came to his own spiritual ranks and titles. It would be a miracle to ever even hear him talk about them. He would say instead that he is neither a Pir nor an Alim, but rather a nobody and a mere “Faqeer” and “Khadim Al Tareeqa”.

In his own words, as written by him in a letter, he describes himself as:

“Haqeer, La Shaiy, Khadim, Manzoor Hussain, Afee Anh”. Which translates into English roughly as, “someone who does not have any worth, a nobody, a ‘nothing’, valueless, and who is merely an obedient devoted slave servant, Manzoor Hussain, the one who is requiring forgiveness and mercy due to his flaws and unworthiness”

Subhanallah, his words describing himself are simply mind boggling, specially compared to just a few of his spiritual ranks and titles that we may be aware of, as follows:

Illahi be Hurmatee,
Murshid e Kamileen,
Murshid ul Aqtaab,
Murshid ul Aghwaas,
Murshid ul Qayyumeen,
Mujadid uz Zaman,
Fard ul Afraad,
Hadi e Muhtadeen,
Sayyidul Sadaat uz Zaman,
Sadiq wa Mukhlis Abd Allah,
Naib e Naib e Rasool Allah (s),
Shiekh ul Tareeqaat uz Zaman,
Hazrat Al Faazil Al Ajal,
Jaamay Kamalat e Shariat wa Tareeqat wa Marifat wa Waqif e Israr e Haqeeqat,
Sheikh Ul Mashaikh,
Fard uz Zaman,
Mehboob e Mehboob Ar Rahman,
Hadi Al Arifeen Al Kamileen Al Mukamaleen Al Muhaqiqeen……..
Syedee Wa Murshidee,
Qibla um Wa Kabah um,
Hazrat Sheikh Syed Haji Maulana Manzoor Hussain Sindhi Thum Madani Sahib
Radhi Allah hu Ta’ aala Anh hu.

Subhanallah! These are only very few of his attributes, spiritual ranks and titles. We cannot even comprehend what his true stations are.

To sum it up, Hazrat Manzoor Hussain Sindhi Madani Sahib RT. Was and is an exceptionally unique personality and one the likes of which our modern contemporary world has not seen or experienced. The one and only. The Khadim of the Khadim of Rasool Allah Salalahu Alayhi wa Aalihi wa Salam, who is the greatest ever Khadim of Allah Subhana hu Ta’aala…

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7 Replies to “Hazrat Manzoor Hussain Sindhi Madani RT’s attributes, spiritual ranks and titles:”

  1. Dr. Khadija Mahmud

    So true Alhamdulillaha its pure Allahas fazel & Prophet pbuh inayat that naqis like us r bestowed by Allah swt with the nisbet of such a kamil tareen Shiekh what a Shiekh he is so truly described here & even much more that is beyond the grasp of anyone

  2. Fatma Mahmood

    Subhan Allah. Beautifully expressed. Although what Haźrat Syed Manzoor Hussain rt is can neither be fully gauged or expressed. Alhumdulillah Allah swt greatest blessing after making me the ummati of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) is to bless with the nisbat of such kamil Sheikh

    1. Mahym Mansoor

      This is such a beautiful and deep post and the humility of hazrat manzoor hussain RA is so mind boggling that despite his status he is filled with so much compassion and love for sinners like us. Even after his dunyavi wisal, he is always guiding and enlightening our hearts with the noor and love of shariyat and tareeqat according to our own capabilities and capacities. We are truly blessed to be associated with him in such turbulent times but the true haqeeqat of this blessing is still beyond our comprehension.

  3. Saleha Aziz

    SubhanAllah, beautiful. In this world of disarray and uncertainty, Hazrat sahab has been the pillar of truth and Haqq in our lives. Someone as awe-inspiring as him has still been ever so soft and so loving towards his mureeds, always accessible to them and patient with them, even with the slow learners. His shaan is beyond our understanding and his love for Allah and the Prophet saw is a true inspiration. Allah ka shukar k humara taaluq itne Kamil sheikh se hai. Allah ye taaluq humesha qaaim rakhe, ameen.

  4. Aamina Riaz

    SubhanAllah. Hazrat Sb’s (RT) personality, humility and compassion are so awe inspiring. To be called his mureed feels such a huge privilege for this unworthy self. Cannot be more grateful and humbled to feel connected, to be showered with love from him through his silsila and mureeds who seem to reflect his light and grace in leading lost souls back to the path of getting closer to Allah SWT and our Beloved Prophet (PBUH). I am not sure I understand even 1% of this Blessing by Allah SWT.

    1. Dr. Khadija Mahmud

      So true for all of us

  5. Aamina your feelings r exact replica of what i feel. Alhumdulillah may Allah enhace our nisbat e sheikh aameen


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