30 Zikr Meditation Nur process-Khilafat transfer-Humility of Sheikh-Baba Farid-Stories and Teachings by Hazrat Manzoor Hussain RT

05 State of Perfection-A Talk by Hazrat Manzoor Hussain Sindhi Madani RT

This is an audio recording of a talk given my Hazrat Syed Haji Maulana Manzoor Hussain Sindhi Madani RT on the state of perfection and how to achieve it, given in around July/August 1980 in the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago, in the West Indies, in the North Atlantic Ocean.

01 The Start Of Tareeqat From The Prophet PBUH:

—Allah Subhana Hu Ta’aala that “we love You and we want to reach You. It is only You That/Who is our beloved”.