26 Hazrat Syed Manzoor Hussain Rt explaining that the Object of the Lover is to Please his Beloved (ALlah Subhana Hu Taa’la)

Saying of Hazrat Syed Manzoor Hussain Sindhi Madani (RT) (from an informal talk) in English with Urdu translation. For the word to word transcript and original audio in his own voice, kindly visit: HazratManzoorHussain.com/02-what-is-tareeqat/

When a lover knows that my Beloved (Allah SWT) who is inside the curtain knows that His (Allah’s) lover is standing outside and is saying, “Allah, Allah, Allah” and why he is saying that? He is saying with the intention that I (Allah) know that the lover would not leave Me until he reaches Me, he is standing there and does not leave My door.He would stand there till he dies or till he reaches Me. The Beloved (Allah) knows that my lover cannot reach Me himself, he cannot get in nor he can take Me out.It is only Myself, that I can bring him in and it is only Myself that I can go out (to him) and this is sufficient for the Beloved (Allah) and also for His lover to think that he is standing at His door and would not leave His door and the moment the lover thinks like that, he becomes Kamil and Perfect. A true lover would never like that he should do anything against the desire and pleasure of his Beloved (Allah).Our object is that our Beloved (Allah) should be pleased. No lover would like that he would put his hand to bring his beloved out, because he does not know that beloved would be pleased or not because every lover wants the pleasure of his Beloved, and this is called ‘Raza’. Raza Allah Subhan Hu Taala. His Raza is what we want. We say to Him that, “We remember You, and we want Your pleasure in anything that pleases You. If You are pleased You would take us inside (the curtain), if You are pleased in coming out, You will come out. If You are pleased in not giving us a reply, You will not give us a reply. If You are pleased to give us a reply, You will speak, that is all upon You, not upon us.If one makes the Zikr (remembrance) of Allah this way, this way the very first day he enters the Zikr he is Kamil (Perfect), he is successful. One another thing that for all other knowledge of the world, more you read, more you feel you are progressing. Every day you feel you are progressing. Tassawwuf faqeeri is the only knowledge, the more one makes progress, the more he feels he is nothing.

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