60 An Excerpt from a talk of Hazrat Syed Manzoor hussain (RT) on the definition of a perfect man

Excerpt from a talk by Hazrat Sheikh Syed Manzoor Hussain (RT) on perfection.
حضرت شیخ سید منظور حسین رضی اللہ تعالی عنہ کے آڈیو کا اردو ترجمہ (انگریزی کے بعد)-

26 Hazrat Syed Manzoor Hussain Rt explaining that the Object of the Lover is to Please his Beloved (ALlah Subhana Hu Taa’la)

Hazrat Syed Manzoor Hussain RT explaining that the real object of the lover is to please His Beloved (Allah SWT).
Urdu translation in the video.