68 Hazrat Sheikh Syed Manzoor Hussain’s (RT) saying on Allah’s Fazal (blessing) and Kinds of Wilayat

A saying of Hazrat Syed Manzoor Hussain (RT) on Allah’s fazal in his own voice, followed by Urdu translation.

67 A saying of Hazrat-e-Sheikh Syed Manzoor Hussain (R.T.) about the importance of Zikr-e-Allah

Hazrat Syed Manzoor Hussain (RA) explaining the importance of Zikr-e-Allah to his disciple.
English translation in the post.

65 Hazrat Sheikh Syed MAnzoor Hussain (RT) on the importance of constantly making Dua (supplication) to Allah Subhana Hu’ Taa’ala

English translation in the post.

64 a saying of Hazrat Sheikh Syed Manzoor Hussain (R.T.) about the wisdom of an Important Sunnat of Holy Prophet ﷺ

Hazrat-e-Sheikh Syed Manzoor Hussain RA Explaining the wisdom behind using right hand according to Sunnah-e-Mubaraka of The Holy Prophet ﷺ.
English translation in the post.

60 An Excerpt from a talk of Hazrat Syed Manzoor hussain (RT) on the definition of a perfect man

Excerpt from a talk by Hazrat Sheikh Syed Manzoor Hussain (RT) on perfection.
حضرت شیخ سید منظور حسین رضی اللہ تعالی عنہ کے آڈیو کا اردو ترجمہ (انگریزی کے بعد)-

57 Hazrat Syed MAnzoor Hussain (RT) explaining the concept of Shirk (Polytheism)

A comprehensive explanation of the concept of Shirk (polytheism) by Hazrat Syed Manzoor Hussain RT.

54 A Special Dua by HAzrat-e-Sheikh Syed MAnzoor Hussain (RT) in his own handwriting in Arabic to be recited for all purposes

A special dua by Hazrat-e-Sheikh Syed Manzoor Hussain RT for all purposes. English and Urdu translations in the post.

53 Hazrat Syed MAnzoor Hussain’s (RT) advice about disliking and judging other people

Hazrat Syed Manzoor Hussain (RT) giving a very important advice to his disciples to dislike the bad deeds, not the person.

50 Hazrat Sheikh Syed MAnzoor Hussain RT explaining the association of a Sufi master with his disciples from Alam-e-Arwah (the spiritual realm)

Hazrat Syed Manzoor Hussain RT explaining to his disciples that the association of a Sheikh with his disciples formed in the spiritual realm, much before the physical birth.

English Translation in the post: