06 Example of Awlia-A Talk by Hazrat Manzoor Hussain Sindhi Madani RT

06 Example of Awlia-by Hazrat Manzoor Hussain Sindhi Madani RT

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Example of Awlia by Hazrat Manzoor Hussain RT

Though it does not look proper that I may give you this example so that you may be able to follow this. But because it is very necessary, that’s why I tell you the story of my dear wife who is present and who has been honoured by the things which you people cannot even dream of. Very, very big Buzurgs cannot have those things what which she has. Which she has.

After the marriage, in short after she has taken zikr and she has entered the tariqa her heart began to make Allah-Allah. And then Latifa-e-Ruh, then Sirr, then Khafi, then Akhfah. And then (nafs 1.12) and then the whole body. And then in the beginning some of these latifas were enlightened and she began to see the Mashaikh, began to see Ahl-e-Bayt and Sahaaba, and began to see Nabi Sallallah-o-alaihe-wassallam. Our Prophet Sallallah-o-alaihe-wassallam. She used to see the Prophet not in dreams; it was only in the beginning. She saw the Prophet in maraqabah, she saw the Prophet with the eyes. And not only that, this I tell you that you should learn and you should know that to what extent people can (be exalted 2.04). And all these things are possible. And then with what result. So that whatever you gain, may God help it, you may not lose. Then, it was by kindness of Allah that she was so spiritually evolved that she used to present herself in the meetings of the Mashaikh, and Ahl-e-Bayt, and Sahaaba, till she reached a meeting of the Prophet. And the meeting of the Prophet she used to attend not in dream, not in muraqabah, but with soul and body. I tell you the example of my wife, I do not tell you the example of anybody else. I do not tell you stories of books. I tell you what has taken place before me so that you should understand that this cannot be exaggeration. This cannot be lie. This is a perfect fact.

So, she used to present herself in the meeting of the Prophet Sallallah-o-alaihe-wasallam, with body and soul. And this is such a great rank that thousands and thousands of Awlia, Mashaikh whom you may have heard of, read of in books, and who may have hundreds and thousands of disciples, they even, Allah knows, have reached even one-tenth of this. To say and to reach, (there 4.08) is a very great difference. Between talk, between word and deed, is a very great difference. One can say that you can reach the post. This place is only for those who have got (help 4.27) to understand that this thing which I am going to tell you, have you ever read in the books? That what kind of Walis, highest kinds of Walis can reach this place, which I tell you.

Though I do not tell you in details, yet I give you hints and you can understand that these posts are being held by the women. By the women. Women like you. And by their sincerity, and (worshipping Him 5.03) but making zikr. It is making zikr. And with their sincerity and love with Allah Subhanawa-Ta’alah. And their love with the Prophet and Mashaikh, they have reached these posts. And can reach their post. When I tell you this you can also understand that these things can be attained. Not that these things are dreams and these things are stories. These things are perfect facts.

And then you would be surprised to know that those people who reach at this place, what power have they got. For example, I’ll tell you that once I told her she is not educated. She is not educated. I told her that can you tell me, can you tell me by thinking as to what atom bomb and hydrogen bomb is. She said, she told me that if only Hazrat-e-Sheikh Razi-Allah-o-Ta’alah-anho gave me permission, I will not only tell you but I will stretch my hand at all the places in Amreeka and all the places in Russia wherever these things are lying. Lying at the places which are known to the world, and they are also lying in the places which are not known to anybody at all. Anybody means only particular persons they are known.  I can stretch my hand and bring you all here. So that you can only understand that what a man and woman, a human being, can attain. What has been given to him. A human being, may he be man or woman, is not an ordinary thing. We have made it an ordinary thing, our life, by eating and sleeping only. Otherwise we have got, God has given us a thing which He alone knows. And those who can use this, what He has given to them from His (faiz 7.40), are things like this.

So, for example, I told you that she said that she could bring it, in a moment, all those things before me. And not only this. You’d be surprised to know that language of the animals she used to know. She could understand. Languages of all the animals. Is this, have you ever heard, have you ever seen in the books?  There are some stories, but they are stories only. To have, and these things, (that is 8.25) something else.  So what I mean to say, that having all these things and so many other things, so many other things (subhanAllah 8.35) above all these things.

So, my dear sisters, what I mean to say by all this, that you make zikr, not with the intention that you reach these things, but all this zikr is for the completion and perfection of the Shariat (ijtema 8.58) of Nabi Sallallah-o-alaihe-wassallam. Your prayers, your fasts, your other good deeds may be perfect. So that Allah Subhanawa-Ta’alah may be pleased with you. And you do all these things, this Allah-Allah that you make, you do it with the intention that Allah Subhanawa-Ta’alah may be pleased with you, Prophet may be pleased with you, Mashaikh may be pleased with you. And this zikr you make for the purification of the heart, so that you perform those deeds with sincerity, ikhlaas.  Because ikhlaas is the (edge 9.40) in front of the whole thing. Every deed that is void of ikhlaas is not accepted in the court of Allah Subhanawa-Ta’alah.  Ikhlaas and sincerity means that any and every deed that we do, it should be for sake of Allah and Allah alone. Followed?

We have got respects and regard for the Prophets, and for Awlia, for Mashaikh, for Murshid, for ustaad, for husbands and for all those that we are ordered, only for this pleasure of Allah Subhanawa-Ta’alah. Because we are ordered for this, that’s what we do. We are His creatures, humbled creatures, we should obey His orders. We should not think that these things, how can this be, how can that be. Whatever He has ordered in Holy Quran. You know I have told you already that whatever comes to you through my Prophet Nabi Sallallah-o-alaihe-wassallam, you hold it, you keep hold of it, and don’t leave it loose. And if you follow the instructions of the Prophet, that means that you follow my orders. There is no difference between these because my Prophet tells you what is ordered from (me 11.14). He does not tell you anything from his own heart.

Have you followed my dear sisters? Yes, so now for a few minutes we will sit in zikr Allah Subhanawa-Ta’alah.

(Praising Allah 11.28).      

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